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About Us

“It is precisely the possibility
of realizing a dream that makes life interesting.”

– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Our holistic wellbeing centre in Singapore’s iconic Red Dot Traffic building is a place of peace within a hectic city. Its minimalist, contemporary interior allows deep relaxation and restoration. We believe that energy healing and meditation teachings are the cornerstones of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The healing force of nature is a strong element of both our centre’s design and also the therapies and remedies we use to treat our clients.


The ancient flower, Amaranth was associated with an Egyptian goddess renowned for her healing abilities. In Greek it means unfading and comes in many varieties, representing the uniqueness and eternal nature of our individual souls. Meadow symbolises the field in which we are planted to grow and blossom throughout our life’s journey.


Founder & Wellbeing Consultant

Michael Lynch

Bringing a deep understanding of business and corporate leadership to mindfulness, Michael’s approach is unique. He understands acutely the need for calm, focus and awareness in our overloaded lives.

Michael has used mindfulness and meditation to boost his own effectiveness and life balance while holding senior roles in banking, energy and commodities. He uses his wealth of knowledge in either individual or group settings to pass on simple, practical meditation teaching and mindfulness techniques that everyone can relate to.

Founder & Wellbeing Therapist

Anastasia Saphira

An intuitive healing practitioner, Anastasia is skilled in a range of treatment modalities and blends her widely varied expertise to provide truly bespoke remedial sessions for her dedicated clients. Anastasia works with the healing properties of sound, energy and tools from nature, as well as energy psychology, to rebalance and bring peace and empowerment to her clients.

As a mother of two, Anastasia also enjoys working with children and wishes to equip the next generation with the right tools to be creative, independent and happy.